4. Click “select” next to Grand Rapids High School, Grand Rapids, MN

5. Answer the questions and click “I waive my right to view recommendations”, check the box “I authorize a copy of my credentials….” and click “Consent and request”.
**GRHS does not use this website for recommendations but you still have to click the box to go on.

6. Click on the “order” button in the Your Transcript box.

7. Type the name of the college in the box that you want to send your transcript to and click “Search”. You must fully spell out the name of the college exactly. Click “Select” on your college.

8. Leave the application tracking number blank and either “Add another destination (school)” or “Save and continue”.

9. Click “Continue” and Sign your name in the box with your mouse. Type your parent’s name in the box and click “Checkout”.

10. Enter your credit card information, and click “Checkout”.



800 Conifer Drive 
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Phone: 218.327.5760      
Fax: 218.327.5761