2013-2014 Building Goals & Improvement Plan

Grand Rapids High School

The academic mission supported by the Instructional Leadership Team of the Grand Rapids School District is to support the success of each student in an academic environment that includes a rigorous curriculum, tailored instruction, state-of-the-art technology and ongoing assessment.
Students will graduate as independent learners well prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century.
Overarching Strategy
Supporting the success of each student with a standards-based curriculum, assessment and instruction developed and delivered in a culture that fosters and supports internal and external collaboration.
Strategic Priorities
A rigorous, standards-based curriculum that prepares students for success.
          -GRHS Execution Step: GRHS will create awareness and align the Common Core Literacy Standards.
Common assessments that document student performance, provide for early interventions and inform instruction and curriculum.
          -GRHS Execution Step: GRHS will develop a common understanding of high quality formative assessment.
          -GRHS Execution Step: GRHS will align essential learner outcomes to facilitate formative common assessment.  
* Instruction that inspires independent learning and adapts successfully to each student’s unique abilities and needs.
          -GRHS Execution Step: GRHS will promote formative assessments to drive differentiated classroom instruction.
          -GRHS Execution Step: GRHS will enhance the Ramp Up curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students.
* A culture that fosters and supports both internal and external collaborations that enhance student learning.
          -GRHS Execution Step: GRHS will assess the strengths and weaknesses of external and internal collaboration for continual improvement.