International Baccalaureate (IB) at
Grand Rapids High School is a demanding two year
pre-university, internationally-based program for motivated juniors and seniors.

GRHS was the first school in Minnesota to be IB. An IB Diploma is the most comprehensive and thorough preparation available for higher education.

GRHS IB Coordinator:.
Dale Christy  218.327.5760 (ext 41528)

Diploma candidates are required to:
  • Study six courses - one in each of the six IB subject areas.

  • Take “Theory of Knowledge” - a unique course on the philosophy of learning
  • Write an Extended Essay - a college level research paper done under the direct supervision of one of our staff.
  • Participate in CAS - a two year program that includes 150 hours of creativity, activity, and service.
  • Take the IB Exams.

Group 1 : Language A (IB English 11 & 12)
Group 2 : Language B (IB German III & IV or IB Spanish III & IV)
Group 3 : Individuals and Societies (IB Economics 11 & 12 or IB History 11 & 12)
Group 4 : Experimental Sciences (IB Chemistry I & II, IB Physics I & II
or IB Biology)

Group 5 : Mathematics (IB Pre-Calculus or IB Calculus)
Group 6 : Arts and Electives (IB Sudio Art, IB Business and Management, or IB Elective of additional course in group 3 or 4)


IB Learners are...
Inquirers    Knowledgeable   Thinkers    Communicators   Principled
Open-minded   Caring    Risk-takers   Balanced    Reflective
More information at the International Baccalaureate website:
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