Welcome to German class!
Welcome! I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Welcome (or welcome back!) to German class! As always I like to start by introducing myself to students and parents. I have been teaching German at GRHS since January, 2000, and prior to that in a couple schools in the Twin Cities area.

We offer 4 years of German study at GRHS and always build on the previous year's work. All the language modalities are stressed - listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as a healthy dose of culture. The courses follow the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards. I post these standards in my classroom and if parents would like to see a copy please let me know and I will send that home.

Since 2002 I have traveled to Germany every other summer with a group of German students. The experience is always rewarding, educational and a lot of fun.

Classroom information: We use a textbook in levels 1-2-3, as well as supplementary materials. As needed students may check out a text for homework or study, but will not be required to have one at all times. A folder and notebook are required for the many handouts and notetaking. The grading for this course is: 90% -100% = A, 80% - 89%= B, 70% - 79% = C, 60% - 69 = D.
Grades are also weighted: Quizzes and Tests are weighted 60%, homework and oral participation are each 20%. Each unit has 1-3 quizzes and a final test. Homework is assigned 1-2 times per week, though usually students can complete much of it in class. I understand that most students do not have access to German helpers at home, and want them to at least get a good start to assignments in class. That way if they have problems I can steer them in the right direction before they leave.

As we progress through the year, and as students progress through the levels of German there will be an added emphasis on listening and speaking skills, independent reading and writing, impromptu and prepared presentations and a greater use of realia, such as newspaper and internet articles.

During homework time at home, I encourage students to review vocabulary daily, if possible. Vocabulary building is the cornerstone of language learning. We add on to vocabulary each unit, each quarter, each year and to really learn it well takes a lot of effort and repetition. In other words, it's not learning for the test and forgetting it because we add on and use everything over and over! Also, because I do allow class time to begin the homework, I ask that work be completed on time for full credit.

Absences: Please refer to the handbook for information regarding absences and work completion. When students are absent multiple days they need to set up a schedule with me to see that work is completed in a timely fashion. There is a folder for each class with handouts, worksheets and information that students should check upon their return. A note about school related absences: When students miss for athletics, speech or other school sponsored activities, they are responsible for the next day's test or homework. See me ahead of time!

Cell phone use continues to be a concern in the classroom. I will collect and turn into the office cell phones used during class time. See the school handbook for information regarding cell phone use during school.

Classroom expectations: 1. Come prepared with paper, pencil, folder each day. 2. Classes are VERY large so be respectful and attentive.

I can be reached at the high school at 327-5760 ext. 1491, or by email at Please call if you have questions or concerns. Looking forward to a great year!