Personal Counseling

What can I talk to my School Counselor about?

Licensed School Counselors in Minnesota have Master’s degrees in Counseling. They are highly trained specialists serving youth in school settings.

School Counselors serve a vital role in maximizing student achievement. Following are some of the ways that school counselors help students:

Individual Counseling
Stressful Family Situations
Grief and Loss
Mental Health
Substance Abuse
Crisis and Coping Strategies
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Peer Relationship Counseling
Conflict Resolution
Group Counseling 
Defiant/ Risky Behavior and Interventions
Behavior Management Plans

High School Academic Planning
Transition to High School, then to College
Organizational, Study and Test Taking Skills
Goal Setting
Job Shadowing Experiences
Post Secondary Educational Planning and Application Process
College Selection
Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
Career Counseling and Planning

School counselors also work closely with parents, teachers and administrators in meeting student needs. Today’s teenagers live in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse population, a mobile society with advanced technologies, and many expanding opportunities. However, today's society also brings a great deal of complexity and stress to the lives of teens. School counselors are able to assist students with the many choices and stressors they face during a critical decision making time in their lives.

Substance Abuse (local help)


Mental Health

Suicide Prevention

Emergency Mental Health Line

First Call For Help - Itasca County

24 hours / 7 days

Itasca County 
(218) 326-8565
(218) 326-4634 TTY

Outside Itasca County




Eating Disorders


Defiant/ Risky Behavior


Local Resources Violence Resource Center Domestic Violence Help