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"Your future is not determined by the position in which you stand, 
but by the direction in which you look."

GRHS Counselors (assigned by last name)
*to contact a Counselor directly, click on their name for email or dial 218.327.5760 + extension listed below

Carrie Fowler

(ext 41415)

Nate Elsen

(ext 41412)

Teresa Stephens

(ext 41559)

Sheila Anderson

(ext 41414)

Counseling Support Staff

Amy Peterson, Counseling Secretary (ext 45770) 

Heidi Clairmont, Scholarship Secretary (ext 41544) 


Our Philosophy

* * *

A comprehensive school counseling program is an essential part of a student's education. It allows students the opportunity to make the best use of their education with regard to future goals. The school counseling program helps students develop personal and social skills necessary to relate well to others and maintain healthy relationships. Counselors are committed to enabling all students to reach their highest academic and personal potential. Counselors advocate for students to ensure that regardless of race, sex, religion, or socioeconomic status, they have full access to educational opportunities needed to graduate from Grand Rapids High School.